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I loved the '80s, and I miss them, I admit my sin... the '80s gave us his Majesty Thom Yorke; and I also loved the '90s ...they brought to us the incomparable Eddie Vedder and the absolute God of the abyss: Maynard.

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..♫ It's nine o'clock on a Saturday, The regular crowd shuffles in ♫...

Billy and Elton exhausted almost all their hits last night. They played "I'm Still Standing", "Benny and the Jets," "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" , "Rocket Man," "Candle in the Wind," "Tiny Dancer," "Daniel," "Your Song," "I Guess that's Why they Call it the Blues," " "We didn't start the fire", "Angry Young Man" ," "Uptown Girl," "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me," and so many more. The ending of this magnificent night was, of course, "Piano Man", and for a moment I thought: "Am I dreaming of this?" I can do nothing more than uploading a clip for all of you guys.
Four hours of flashbacks and great music,
this might qualify as one of the best concerts I've attended in my lifetime. I've never seen the Nationals Ball Park so packed and crowded... let's see what Bono can do -in a couple of months- with the Fedex Field.

Aquí estoy debatiéndome porque no sé si este concierto ha superado a la primera vez que vi a U2.
Primero, el estadium de baseball de los Nationals estaba a punto de estallar...Dios, cuánta gente!!! Y segundo, la calidad musical del concierto ( ya que no había bailarinas, ni elefantes, ni nada de ese circo que necesitan los "artistas" menos aventajados) fue insuperable. No me queda más que mostrarles un video que grabé con mi cámara.

Honduras: El Unico País Con Esperanza en Latinoamérica / Honduras: The Only Country in Latin America with a Chance.

Hoy en Tegucigalpa. Miles de hondureños se apostaron en la Plaza Libertad, frente a Casa Presidencial para manifestar su respaldo al nuevo Gobierno y el rechazo al retorno del ex presidente Manuel Zelaya al país.
La Casa presidencial fue suficiente para albergar a la multitud que tuvo que ubicarse en las calles de alrededor donde se cantaba y bailaba al ritmo de punta diversas canciones hondureñas, entre ellas "Adelante Selección" y "Es mi país".
La manifestación empezó eso de la 10:00 de la mañana, con la partcipación de miembros de la Sociedad Civil, líderes religiosos, representantes de la Alianza por la Paz y la Democracia, Frente Generación Por el cambio, empresarios, miembros del Gobierno estudiantes y hasta niños quienes pedían a gritos el no retorno al país del ex presidente Zelaya y la no intromisión de organizaciones extranjeras.

El senador de los Estados Unidos, Jim DeMint defendió el derrocamiento del ex presidente Manuel Zelaya y manifestó que con lo sucedido está vigente el Estado de Derecho en el país.
Asimismo, calificó a Zelaya como un "dictador al estilo de Chávez", en referencia al presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez.
De esta manera, el senador señaló en un comunicado de prensa que Zelaya se burló de la autoridad constitucional del Congreso Nacional y de la Corte Suprema de Justicia (CSJ).
Además, añadió que la exhortación del presidente Barack Obama para restituir en el puesto a Zelaya representa "una bofetada al pueblo de Honduras".

El principal asesor jurídico del Ejército hondureño admite que trasgredieron la ley al sacar al presidente Zelaya en un avión hacia Costa Rica, y que esa decisión la tomó la cúpula mlitar "para evitar un derramamiento de sangre".
El coronel Bayardo Inestroza dice que el presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, hace bien en temer de un francotirador en Honduras, y que el ejército de este país no podría convivir con un gobierno de izquierda. Si Zelaya vuelve, dice, sería el final del estado de derecho en Honduras.

The people of Honduras need our help.
Their democracy and the lives of innocent people are in the balance
To get a good perspective on what's going on, read the following letter from an American who has served as a humanitarian for 30+ years in Honduras:

Dear Friends,
Our warmest greetings to you from Honduras. Many of you are well aware of what is happening in Honduras although a lot of the information being transmitted is being twisted by some of the news networks. CNN has only covered the situation from the standpoint of the ex President Zelaya. Unfortunately this has been the focus of most of the news services until now. But the real information that is beginning to come out is different from what the world has been fed until now.
What has happened is a new paradigm for the world as an army has disposed a constitutionally elected president in order to restore a democratic system of government but not to break a democratic system which was characteristic of military actions in the past.
This case cannot be catalogued as a "coup de etat" as it does not represent two important elements of such an action: one is the taking of power by the military and the other is the breaking a democratic form of government. The action taken by the Armed Forces was based on a judicial order given to them to follow and the purpose was to reestablish the Rule of Law, which was being consistently violated by the President of the country who did not respect the decisions and orders of the two other powers in the government- the Supreme Court and the Congress. (the checks and balances)

After the intervention of the Armed forces in removing ex President Zelaya , the Constitutional Order was followed as the succession to power has been fully respected as described in the Constitution with the naming of a new Constitutional President who has been sworn in and confirmed. This action from a political science point of view, Honduras has set a precedent , which will be studied by universities, diplomats and politicians around the world.
For the first time in Latin America , a country has rebelled , and without shedding any blood and without violence, against a constitutional and democratically elected President who has violated the constitution and legal orders from the Supreme Court, the Congress and the Attorney General of the country.
The international press had not understood this nor have they taken the time to study what has been happening in Honduras over the past year . They have simply taken a position saying that this has been a military overthrow of the government of Honduras - as something coming out of the cold war of twenty - thirty years ago.
However the lesson coming out of this is that a President who has been democratically elected by the people of this country, does not have the right to disobey the constitution and the laws of this country. The message of Honduras is simple, if a president has received the popular vote of the country, this does not give him or her the license to break the laws, as all the effort going into governing a country for the common good should be done within the framework of the law.
The general public of democratic countries will be seeing these actions and will see that they no longer need to tolerate the abuses of power by constitutionally elected presidents who many times consider themselves untouchable because they were elected by the people. Big mistake... ask Mel Zelaya!
The current situation in the country is the following:
Honduras is being isolated and the borders are being blocked by neighboring countries stopping all economic transport between countries.Venezuela is stopping all shipments of refined gasoline and diesel to Honduras which will starve the country until other sources are found.Power is being shut off periodically in certain sectors of the country and a curfew is in place from 6 pm to 6 am.
Nicaragua and Venezuela have troops at the Nicaragua - Honduran border.
Communication channels (TV and radio) are being restricted.
Over a thousand Cuban and Venezuelan "civilians" who have been trained in subversion have crossed the borders and have entered Honduras with Honduran passports.
The Honduran general public is very supportive of the change in the country and the new government, especially the Catholic and the Evangelical church members who have joined in massive concentrations to show support for the government since the change happened this past Sunday.
Honduras is a small country, very poor and with thirty years of a democratically elected government after years of a military dictatorships.
Honduras has been the US government's strongest ally in the cold war that existed for ten years here in Central America. Knowing that the cards are stacked against this country , the members of the government, the congress and Supreme court and the newly named President are facing incredible challenges right now to survive and critical international support is needed to respect the Government of Honduras's self determination.
Honduras is the only country that has the guts to stand up to the socialist/communist threat posed by Chavez , Ortega and the cronies of the ALBA group in South America.
Chavez cannot allow his coalition of leftist leaning countries to begin to fall apart and is fighting desperately to keep this demonstration down as it can begin to happen in his country and others who may follow this same example.
Prayer is needed for this country and letters and emails of support for Honduras need to be sent to our State Department (Hillary Clinton, President Obama and members of Congress.)
- Chet ThomasProyecto Aldea Global(Project Global Village)Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Honduras' Interim President Roberto Micheletti prepares to speak to a crowd against ousted President Manuel Zelaya outside the presidential residence in Tegucigalpa, Friday, July 3, 2009.