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What I have to say about music...

.I'm into Indie, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Baroque Harmonic Pop, grunge, Pop Punk, alternative metal, progressive rock (...)
as well as all of the musical expressions BEFORE rap and hip-hop (... yes, before all of that new tragedy they call music in mainstream radio stations).
I loved the '80s, and I miss them, I admit my sin... the '80s gave us his Majesty Thom Yorke; and I also loved the '90s ...they brought to us the incomparable Eddie Vedder and the absolute God of the abyss: Maynard.

Old friends, don't panic!!! I will always be a devoted fan of Jazz, Maria Callas, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and all expressions of good music...but never Rap!!!
Help me keep my life "hip-hop-free"
I'm a child of the '70s so, go figure about the rest of the bands, singers and styles I like!!!


Deja Vu vs. Premonicion: Paradoja Temporal.

La de hoy fue clara, corta y muy precisa (comparada con las mas recientes). Me hizo sonreir y disfrutar de un segundo de tranquilidad. Estas imagenes llegan de cuando en cuando. No hay un patron identificable aun. En periodos de cierta actividad extrasensorial inusual o de mayor actividad, para ser mas preciso, se presentan como una imagen reconocible y ubicable solo en el futuro. Se reconoce como futura por la certeza de que aun no se ha vivido. Estas sensaciones no se pueden inducir, llegan sin aviso.
El trabajo ha sido reconocerlas como tales, y tratar de colocarlas en un contexto de causalidad y paradoja. Pero la paradoja es la negacion misma del hecho ya que si se puede prevenir, entonces nunca pasara; y como se puede recordar algo que no va a suceder, o que nunca sucedio?
Se han presentado en momentos de grandes cambios, y en momentos insignificantes tambien: una palabra, una frase, una idea, una imagen. Un aroma? No hay punto medio, pero con los anos se hacen mas frecuentes y mas cercanas. Veinticuatro horas, aproximadamente.
Quizas cuarenta y ocho.
Si el dejavu es un salto en el proceso de traslado de la informacion entre los dos lobulos del cerebro, como en un disco que repite la ultima frase de la cancion, entonces, la cuarta dimension a la cual puedes echar un vistazo al descuido, tiene que regirse por parametros de tiempo que por definicion, no la rigen, ya que en el pasado, el presente y el futuro armonizan en perfecto caos.
Inquieto por el asunto, decidi leer al respecto y aprendi que quienes han estudiado el fenomeno usando algun tipo de metodologia cientifica, como por ejemplo, el ingeniero eronautico irlandes J.W. Dunne (1875-1949), han descubierto que entre un setenta y un ochenta por ciento de las personas que han reportado estas experiencias sensoriales temporales, lo han hecho acerca de eventos que ocurrieron en un lapso de veinticuatro horas. Dunne me ha hecho sentir acompanado.

La Familia en Caricaturas

Music and Poetry

Rap: Neither Music, Nor Poetry.

My friend "J" was struggling to make his point about Rap, trying to convince me that Rap is a very poetic way of expressing true feelings through music(...) This could have been true twenty years ago, but what we have right now on the table is neither poetry, nor music? Unfortunately, rap seems to be here to stay. I'm so glad it was not there when I was growing up.

Listen to the lyrics of any Rap song playing on the radio today; any song in the "top 40" these days (if you can understand their words through the annoying constant yelling of profanity). They're just a gooey, pathetic and cheap glorification of assaulting, beating up, humiliating, violating and even shooting other people. These songs will make you consider that "doin' time" in jail is a requirement in the life of any young man nowadays; these songs dictate the tackiest fad ever: wearing pants off of your butt; these songs want you to believe that being a school drop-out and looking sloppy is cool.
Poetry? Yeah, right. First you have to learn to speak, then to write...(sighs). Sorry, guys.

Well, in a society where academic standards have reached the lowest levels, and instant gratification is the main course, I understand that my friend "J" (who happens to be another high school drop-out), thinks Rap is poetry. And Rap may be poetry for him, don't get me wrong,I know that one can't miss what one has never had or known.
I might be wrong, but I highly doubt it. This "soundtrack of the gang life" will never be my cup of Tea.

The Close Up Years 2001-2004


Gustavo’s urge to be up-to-date with all trends and styles in the world of hair dressing, leaves him completely committed to improving his art, constantly attending seminars and classes, wherever the masters are teaching them: New York, L.A., Chicago, the world.
Submitting to a session with Gustavo, whether you are going to an informal gathering, or hitting the Catwalk, will always be a sublime experience, enhanced by his superb techniques of Color Correction, Highlights and Haircuts.

A woman will always come back to Gustavo, enchanted by his beauty spells, and eager to unleash the glamour within her.

A man will find himself coming over and over again to Gustavo’s chair, looking for that “new and trendy look” we all deserve.

Text by The Duke
Photo by Luis Gomez

The duke is... "Strongly against "what-would-Jesus-do" freaks, Gym worshipers, Soccer Moms and all sources of fanatism"
The Artist:
Luis Gomez

"Luis Gomez is a freelance photographer and photojournalist
who moved to Washington, D.C., in 2003 from Caracas, Venezuela. During his 15 years as a photographer, he has traveled the world collecting images for work and pleasure. Gomez has taken photographs throughout the Americas, Europe and Australia, focusing on cityscapes and architecture as well as the simplicity of landscapes and people.

Gomez studied architecture at the University of Tennessee and then returned to Venezuela to earn a B.A. degree in communications from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas. He was a photographer and photo editor for publishing companies while doing freelance work for local and international media outlets.

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Queen Lupe I

Mr. Mackey, Jose and Mr. Slave

South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, were students of film class in 1992 at the University of Colorado, when they created the animated short called Jesus vs. Frosty. Their first animations were shared, copied and enjoyed worldwide through the internet.
South Park has become, with no doubt, my favorite animation ever!!!